School Site Services

A Solution thru Treatment, Education, and Prevention, Inc., strives to provide counseling for individuals and families to enhance their own physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth to support a safe and drug free community.  A Solution Inc believes that early intervention is key to finding freedom from all mental health related issues including substance use disorders.  We are here to help all those individuals in need.


Adolescent Services

Adolescent services are provided by qualified counselors to prevent the ongoing use of alcohol and drugs.  Students are given current up to date education that dispels the myths that support beliefs that smoking THC or Vaping is safe. Students are educated on many issues from substance related disorders and life skills.

On site school counseling is provided in multiple school districts in Tulare County.  Visalia Unified School District, Tulare Joint Unified School District, Porterville Unified School District and Exeter Unified School District.

Signs of Addiction
  • Preoccupation with chemical use
  • Protecting one’s supply
  • Use of chemicals as medicine
  • Solitary use of chemical
  • Rapid intake of chemical
  • Increased tolerance
  • Blackouts (permanent, chemically induced memory losses)
  • Out-of-control drinking or using
  • Physical withdrawals
  • Denial
  • Drop in job performance
  • Reduced short-term memory
  • Loss of motivation toward work and other once meaningful activities
  • Frequent tardiness and absenteeism
  • Untidy appearance
  • Behavioral changes
  • Change in circle of friends
  • Isolation
  • Mood swings
  • Secrecy
  • Change in values, ideas or beliefs
  • Withdrawal from family
  • Poor eating and sleeping habits
  • Frequently feeling angry and/or defensive if friends or family suggest that your significant other has an alcohol or drug problem.
  • Feeling angry but you are struggling with identifying why.
  • Try to control your significant other’s alcohol or drug use by getting rid of the supply or by monitoring his or her usage
  • Lie or make excuses for the identified addict or alcoholic’s bad behavior or bail him or her out of jail.
  • Allow your children or yourself to go without because your spouse spends too much money on drugs or alcohol and gambling, shopping etc.
  • Limit your social activities because of the embarrassment often caused by the identified alcoholic or addict’s alcohol or drug use.
  • Minimize the seriousness of his or her alcohol or drug use.
  • Focus your mental attention on pleasing, protecting, and manipulating you’re the identified alcoholic or addict.
  • Put your own interests and hobbies aside to take care of, please, fix the problems, attempt to control or avoid conflict with the identified alcoholic or addict.
  • Avoiding setting limits and boundaries with your spouse or child allowing him or her to control the environment of your home or work.
Substance Use Disorder Prevention, Education, and Counseling

Adolescents that have just started experimenting with substances benefit from education and counseling as a preventative measure.  A Solution can provide education and counseling as an early intervention to a bigger problem.  We are also available to provide screening and assessments for youth to assist in finding appropriate placement if your child is in need of treatment.

School Districts We Support

• Visalia Unified School District

• Tulare Joint Union School District

• Exeter Unified School District

• Porterville Unified School District

For the Parents

If your child has been using Cannabis, Alcohol or any other substance he or she may be moving toward dependence.  If you notice changes in behavior or attitudes such as isolation, anger, drop in school performance, lack of energy or motivation, substance use might be the reason.

Although Cannabis has been legalized in CA it is not legal for individuals younger than 21.

The Cannabis strength that is being used is very high in THC.  Many of our youth have started using THC concentrates that can have THC levels in excess of 80% THC, which is highly addictive.

THC concentrates are used in a vape pen or wax pen and the substance does not smell like Marijuana.  Your son or daughter could be using THC concentrates without your knowledge.  If you start finding paraphernalia associated with substance use your son or daughter may need some assistance to stop the use.


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